Recently, youths from Kibera took to the streets due to the misappropriation of funds and claimed that the Cabinet Secretary of Devolution, Anne Waiguru, was sleeping on the job. The youth claim that instead of developing the numerous slums in Nairobi, Mrs. Anne Waiguru and her partner in crime (if I may call him) Mr. Adan Gedow Harakhe, an official deployed over unclear reasons to handle the NYS account.

Monday night, at 7 pm the Kibera youth barricaded the road and lit bonfires at Kibera’s Olympic stage. The administration police from the nearby chief camps dispersed the mob but they weren’t about to give up. At 9pm the youth reunited and burnt a public toilet which was an NYS project at Katwekera.

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Mismanagement of funds?

According to Kenya Today, there documents that show that the NYS has paid over Sh665 million to suppliers and consultants since November last year and CBK has raised questions on some of the payments Harakhe has made, including Sh40 million to Bora Global Ltd.

The company was paid two vouchers – of Sh32 million and Sh18 million – on May 15, 2015, for supply of powdered milk to the NYS.

Bora Global Ltd was registered on October 31, 2013, with Maria Blessings Nyambura Ng’ang’a, Wilson Waihenya Ngima and Julius Muvea Muinde listed as directors.

The same documents show that Mutahi Ngunyi of The Consulting House has been paid Sh38.9 million for consultancy services for the implementation of the NYS 5-point Vision strategy.

Ngunyi received Sh25 million (Sh12.5 million each) as quarterly payment while he received Sh 10 million on May 27 and another Sh3.9 million on the same day as reimbursement costs while implementing the 5-point Vision strategy.

On May 25, 2015, Ms Things of Desire was paid Sh37.5 million, in two transactions, for supply of rice.

Transcend Media Group (TMG) has received Sh161 million in the last year for publicity and rollout of NYS rebranding.

Tunasco Instaat T.T.T.A.S paid about Sh175 million for supply of leather boots while Brand Associates has been paid over Sh113 million for consultant services in NYS rebranding for media buying.

Alpha Mercantile received about Sh 13 million for supply of sugar.

How true these claims are I cannot say but where there’s smoke there’s always fire.
Mrs Anne Waigurus defence
In Anne’s defence, she took to Twitter to post photos of her letter to the CID Director Mr. Ndegwa Muhoro about some illegal transactions in the system . She claims that they reported to the CID about the commitment of an estimate of more than Ksh. 800,000,000 for NYS IFMIS approved by Adan Harakhe’s identity (whose password was apparently stolen).

Raila Odinga, the opposition leader, who is in the fore front of the anti-corruption war claims he is not behind the riots and he knows it’s a political card. Some Kenyans are outraged by the politicizing of the corruption scandal whereas some strongly believe in the Cabinet Secretary’s innocence.

We’ve seen many scandals like this in Kenya, the Mumias Sugar Scandal, the Anglo Leasing…this is just another among the many. All we can do is watch how things play out. Violence has never solved anything but also sweeping these matters under the rug is also not a fair answer. I pray one day I’ll wake up to a country where our leaders actually care about the common mwananchi and not his own stomach.