Do Not Shout at Yourself

Monday blues in this kind of weather is maddening, Shukisha!!

It has been two months since most first years joined campus. Undoubtedly, I know it has not been easy. Because mine was a whole crazy ride. Therefore, this goes out to all my first years.

So, I was talking to a friend of mine sometime last week. Driving both of us crazy with overthinking on simple life situations. And this particular statement she made caught my attention,

“Do not shout at yourself.”

Billy Porter/Pose.

When I joined campus, my life was all over the place. First, I did not even have a phone. So, most of the communication that I would easily find on social media, I did not have access to. Put in mind that it is in this generation where everything is done online. I was even about to miss registration if not for a close friend of mine. If that alone was not an indication for the trying times ahead, then I do not know what would have been.

Unlike the lifestyle in high school, campus was a whole culture shock for me. Here, especially if you moved out from home, you have the freedom that you have been so eager for. Downside is, most of us being Gen Z’s have been raised by boomers and millennials who have really sheltered us. Thus, the need for a little bit of ‘exposure’, if I may call it, before being thrown into the deep end.

Nonetheless, we adapt. Because we have to. This is a space and a time in your life where you really get to know, understand and find yourself. This is the time you get to explore your interests. Even though there are constraints such as a comrade budget, you just have to put yourself out there and keeping working on you.

Be patient with yourself. Applaud yourself even with the tiniest of wins. Forgive yourself for the things that you think you failed yourself in. Seek validation from within and within only. The world already shouts at you, so why would you shout at yourself?






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