I’m avid follower of ‘Being Mary Jane’. Gabrielle Union also known as Mary Jane is a very strong admirable woman but she makes everything about being black. She always seems to make thing revolve around how hard it is being black. I just didn’t think my perspective of Mary Jane was someone else’s perspective of Michelle Obama. I’m black but I’m not an African American so maybe I have no right to speak on this matter. As a writer that doesn’t really matter does it? Michelle Obama is still a public figure I’m allowed to admire or despise.

Twitter went on a buzz over Michelle Obama’s speech at Tuskegee University. I have listened to her speech and I’m not getting where the hating is coming from. She spoke about the the history of the University. How the first graduates went through hardships because they were black. She mentioned the likes of Robert Robinson Taylor, Dr. Boiten Robinson..among others. Michelle acknowledges the fact the Tuskegee has come from far in the fight for African American recognition and development.

After that she went on to detailedly tell of the hardships she’s gone through on her journey to First Lady and even as an individual. She hints at how people and tabloids teared her down especially as the first black first lady. Making funny cartoon of her with and Afro and a machine gun strapped on her. Thinking about it that could be offensive but it could also show she’s a Black woman ready to defend her husband. The funny thing with art is it can be interpreted in whichever way. Tweeters she has every right to be’s a free country. I mean USA is the most free of them all.

The First Lady says that her hustle never defined her and she still made it. She was using herself as an example of a determined African American who succeeded and encouraged the student to do the same. To not be defined by the world and when they succeed to also come back and set a foundation for future generations.
How all the above is racist I don’t understand. How she’s a bitter sad woman I also don’t follow.

Many commenters compared her commencement address at Tuskegee College to one also given Saturday by actor Denzel Washington at the historically black Dillard University , which conservatives praised for its focus on God, hard work, and gratitude. Why her encouragement speech wasn’t as ‘great’ as Denzel Washington’s? I’ll answer that. She is Michelle Obama not Denzel Washington. She thought about her speech and figured the best way to pass her message was through her story. I personally have nothing against that. I don’t see why anyone else should.

What’s your take on Michelle Obama’s Tuskegee University commencement address??