Who is Dom?

I’m Dom Mwangemi, a 20year old rapper and Business Management major at USIU.

Dom as her name is defined as music.

Tell us more on your rapping?

My stage name is Dom; yes it’s also my real name. Those who know me know me from rap battles. One of the famous Rap Battle was the Nokia Don’t Break the Beat, where I was the only girl among the finalists.

Achievements in the rapping career?

I have a You Tube channel, Dom Kenya. And that goes for all other social media networks.

Music mentor and inspirations?

I love J Cole. My inspirations come from my family and online fans. Tole models from home, Diamond in particular who watched grow from the bottom to the top. In terms of rap music. I listen to logic, J Cole, Hopsin. My stye icons are Bonang Matheba and Nyane Lebajoa.

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Challenges faced?

School has consumed too much of my time. I’ve ended up doing music as a hobby but now that I’m in my final year, big things are coming.

What big things?

I love music. I’m looking to take music in the Kenyan industry to a business level and make life easier for the people venturing into music after me.

Like a boss 😎

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Dating anyone?

No, I am not.

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