I recently watched a Ted talk on how the education systems in the world are choking creativity and how important creativity is to human beings. It is what brings forth inventions, great scientists, successful business men and generally a wealthy society.

In high schools highly ranked in Kenya, the opportunity to learn music, pottery, sculpting among other arts is offered. Some schools in china made music a compulsory subject as studies showed that students who had a skill in that area were more attentive and quick to grasp concepts.

You need not be an artistic mind to achieve but your creativity has to be given room to mature. Thousands of students in Kenya are pursing degrees in order to get good jobs after they are done but sadly hundreds of them might not get this chance. Some areas of work will demand for a Master’s degree and others a PhD. These educational demands are going to go higher and higher. You are going to need more papers to climb the ladder because those are what are used to quantify mental ability.

Here is how you can stay creative while in school:

  • Make lists

All your cool ideas and plans, make sure to make a list and pan them according to importance.

  • Set clear goals

Do you want to start a business or work or complete your masters? Make your goals clear!

  • Learn to play an instrument

Playing an instrument is the best way to stay creative. So pick up that guitar or keyboard and massage your brain.

  • Read a page on the dictionary

Yes, reading a page in the dictionary will keep your mind refreshed and keep it alert.

  • Keep your hostel neat 

This will help you from feeling crowded and have a clear mind.

  • Watch Youtube

YouTube is teaching more skills with the numerous tutorials online than universities are. The only way to leave university well equipped to be any employer’s dream is to self-educate.

  • Note down all your awesome ideas

No matter how small you may think it is, it isn’t! Keep a note of all ideas that may pop into your head while in the matatu.

  • Go somewhere new

The exchange program is one of the coolest things you can do while in university. Go on and try it!

So if you follow these simple pointers, your ideas will grow and even if you do not acquire employment, you will be equipped to be your own employer.