It is almost here. The time when you finally feel like an adult. You can now cast your vote and be a voice of change in the country. Whoever you may be voting for on the 8th of August, here are some simple tips you need to keep in mind:

1.Carry Your Identification Card

Your National identification card is essential to you casting your vote. If you regeistered as a voter with your national identification card or yor passport, use whichever one you used to register. Your vote is your voice, so make sure you pay attention when interracting with the Intedependent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC)  officials. To avoid wasting your vote, feel free to ask questions on which vote slip goes into what box.

2. Avoid Taking selfies

On election day, the tension at polling stations is at a high. At a first time voter, your contribution to a sense of peace as you cast your vote is useful. According to IEBC, voters are advised to avoid talking on their mobile phones or wearing any campaign branded clothing while at the polling station.

3. Once Voted, Go Home

Once your cast your vote at the ballot, it is important to leave the election polling station. Do not mill around, claiming to wait for the election results. When you do fulfill your civic duty, leave the premise and wait to learn about the outcomes while at home. Do not allow politicians to use you for violence or worst still to affect the running of the nation to their benefit.

Watch the video below:

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