Kisumu is Maseno University’s main play town. It is mostly occupied by the luos and therefore as the culture goes; majority always wins therefore luo culture has thrived in Kisumu city and as usual there are the do’s and don’ts of each place and that includes Kisumu city. Most would think they are arrogant but coming down and thinking about it you will realize that some of the things they don’t like are actually worth it. The don’ts include:

-No talking ill about Raila Amollo Odinga irrespective of what he/she says or does. Each time you say something ill about him you will be told to go at Kondele or Nyalenda and try that, you will get a beating of your life.

-No walking around with the opposite sex while holding hands or waists for that matter. This is especially forbidden in areas where boda boda and motorcycle operators are situated. They will throw abuses at you and your partner to the extent of telling you that they also got wives at home and they sleep with them.

-You don’t hike fares no matter what happens including increase in prices of petrol or rush hours like it is in Nairobi. The moment you do that they will either refuse to pay the fare or walk to their destinations and they say they have got nothing to lose.

-You don’t begin a development project before consulting them. They always want to have a say in whatever that happens in their region. They opposed the superhighway project but eventually after being consulted they accepted and embraced it though they still quarrel when their structures are demolished to give way for the road. They also recently vandalized a statue that was built by the Hindus in town.

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-They don’t vote for anyone outside their political party no matter his/her track record. In the just concluded elections, all the posts from governor to representatives were taken by one political party (CORD).Also you will not campaign smoothly if you are not one of their own.

-When big events come to kisumu city especially those which require cash to attend, you don’t charge everyone. Others must get in free of charge no matter what you do or say.

-You don’t brag in front of boda boda and motorcycle operators especially to girls. They will put you in your right place.

-You don’t steal from them especially in busy areas like Kondele and kibuye markets. They will beat you and burn you to death.

-You don’t go near a police or police station. That’s their worst enemies especially to the touts. If you see the police you run.

-You don’t cause chaos where there is peace especially in prayer areas, rallies e.t.c.You will be dealt with properly.

Avoid these things and you will be safe in Kisumu city. I have said my part.

Written by Charles Osore.