Temperatures seem to be on the rise within the Jubilee party even though several leaders from the party are still in denial or rather that’s the picture they are trying to paint.

Initially the narrative was that president Uhuru Kenyatta would rule for two terms of five years each and then pass the presidency to William Ruto but that’s seems to be quickly changing. Leaders and supporters from President Uhuru’s backyard are now coming out to make it clear that they owe the current deputy president nothing.

It begun with a number of members of Parliament and it has gone to the extent of a Kikuyu artist composing a whole song about the situation just to drive a point home. It is at that point that William Ruto may have decided to go with the flow and now he is in agreement that nobody owes anything to the other, including himself.

With the vocal deputy president having rallied his community behind Uhuru Kenyatta twice, it is obvious he expected the favor to be returned when it was turn. His 2022 dream of leading the country now remains shaken because even leaders from his own area like Murkomen don’t seem like they will support him.

Meanwhile the president has remained silent on the matter and nobody knows who will support during his exit.