Drake may have spent his birthday doing the shmoney dance, but he spent last night doing the money drop.

Drizzy can be seen dropping stacks of cash in a video that was published by TMZ Sunday (October 26). The clip also shows Drake aggressively pushing his way through bouncers in order to storm into a nightclub.

Although Drake’s motivation for this is unclear, it’s been reported that he was upset because one of his OVO crew members was punched inside the club. Don’t mess with Drake’s friends. As we know from his verse on “Crew Love,” Drake won’t hesitate to drop money for his boys and if the rumors are true, he won’t hesitate to run inside a club like this, either.

Drake isn’t generally known for incidents involving violence, save for his infamous nightclub brawl with Chris Brown. Even then, cooler heads prevailed and the two patched things up in the end.

Before this incident, Drake was celebrating life and we were celebrating the release of new music as Drizzy dropped three new songs Saturday (October 25), including “Heat Of The Moment.” Everybody gets caught up sometimes.

One of the best parts of the whole video though is the people who abscond with the cash Drake dropped. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?

Money doesnt just fly from Drake’s hands everyday!!

by Vix.