WHIPResidents of UoN’s Lower State House Road Hostels were treated to free drama on Wednesday morning as comrades witnessed a totally naked woman being beaten mercilessly in front of Hall 10, also known as ‘Theatre House’.

One of the comrades from that hostel was seriously whipping a woman, who people suspected to be a hooker. Reports from reliable sources said that the comrade had picked the woman from the street the night before, who had readily offered her services. However, when it was time to pay up, he totally refused to do so and instead descending upon her with blows and kicks and a ‘Nyahunyo’ lashing on her back.

The comrades present were shouting, ‘Pay As You Eat’ to the guy doing the beating. There are reports that the onlookers, especially from Hall 11 & Hall 3 are now traumatized beyond any explanation after watching the scene. They are therefore requesting the university to avail counseling services to them immediately after watching the disturbing scene.