This weekend will be lit with the USIU graduation parties going down on Saturday. So before you even gt into party mode, what will you wear under your graduation gown?

Here are some easy pointers the guys and girls can use:


Put on a nice suit. the type of suit you’d wear to a promising third date at a cool restaurant or that job interview at the hip digital marketing agency downtown. Got it? Now take off the jacket and put on your cap and gown.


Pants and shoes matter. Keep things slim, clean and neutral. You don’t want to clash, so plan this ahead. Since your gown is black, by all means go for some color. Go big on the shoes, too. Slap on some double-monks or suede cap-toes and let the onlookers know you mean business.

Wear a damn tie. The temptation will be there to do something silly. But it’s graduation day! Your children and great grand children will look at the pics. So just put on a damn tie!



Wear mid-high heels. You’ll probably be running between friends, family, and the nearest bathroom mirror. You don’t want to be waddling to the stage in ankle-snapper heels and a wiggle-dress. A mid-height block heel is this summer’s key look.


Jewelry is key. It can add individuality to an outfit — and look good in those graduation photos — but ensure it doesn’t interfere with the collar and cuffs of the gown.


Hat-hair is a danger. Plan a style that can survive that cap shape. Braids, crotchet, weaves whatever you do, make sure your hair will make it through and you can get your cap off, no hesitation.

Avoid Plain dresses. Longer dresses require shape, to flatter curves. Avoid dark tights and fussy necklines – but don’t go too plain either. Since the gown is plain, have a floral dress or skirt to add some personality to your look.


Most importantly for everyone, remember to pack on a smile and show appreciation to mummy and daddy.

When is your graduation? Tell us below.