According to the Kenyan Meteorological department, the country has been hit by one of the major consequences of global warming, heat wave. The extremely hot days and nights that have been experienced these past weeks, are to go on for the next two weeks. With some parts of the country such as Mombasa and Kisumu having hot temperatures as high as 35 degrees.

The weather being this hot is an advantage for most students in campus. This is because it gives you a reason to look hotter by showing a little bit of skin and wearing fewer clothes. Here are some of what you can rock in respect of the current heat wave situation.

  1. T-SHIRTS.

T-shirts might be regarded as all weather attire. But they are extremely comfortable, easy to wear and cheap clothing when it comes to you dressing up on a hot day. They are also light and therefore will prevent you from feeling too hot and also minimize on your sweat. They are fun to wear if you have them in different colors and designs.


Both the male and the female gender wear them and they also come with different colors, shapes and designs. On a hot day sandals play a big role in keeping your feet aerated and less sweaty. Also it gives you a chance to show off your feet and if you are a lady, your polished toe nails. They are easy and comfortable to wear and can go with shorts, skirts, jeans and dresses.


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No one wants to wear long sleeved clothing on a hot day. Having something sleeveless like a nice vest top for the ladies or a tank top for the guys is always a bright idea. They keep you aerated throughout the day; make you look young and fresh plus they get rid of any uncomfortable feeling in terms of feeling too hot or too sweaty.


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They are easy to wear, fun and affordable for most of the students in campus. They are unisex attires that make you look trendy, young and playful at the same time. Sweat pants are comfortable and can be worn to class, to gigs or just chilling out in campus.



They are cute, trendy and will help you feel cool. Wear these as you go about your day.



ThisΒ is a lightweight, balanced plain-woven sheer fabric perfect for the Β hot weather.Pair a chiffon top with tights and sandals for a comfy mix.Β 

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This will keep your legsΒ exposed and therefore keeping your body temperature cool.


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