We all need one, a job. It sometimes seems as though life is revolved around finding that perfect job that will fit your credentials. From your first day in school, all we are molded towards is earning our own money through a good job. When you land one, you will take care of your family and even your parents. So you have been applying for countless jobs and you finally have landed yourself a job interview.

Having gone for numerous interviews myself, I have many times spotted people from extremely smart to casual to floppy.

Here are some simple guidelines to help you next time you have to go for a job interview;

  1. Iron your clothes: I know it is a daunting task but at least sacrifice one day and make sure your clothes that are neatly ironed and press. Nothing gives away the lack of attention to detail than wrinkled clothing.
  2. Get the right fit: If your pants or sleeves are too long or something is too loose or too tight you’ll look and probably feel awkward.