1. Embrace your curves. Love what your mama gave you. It is the best way to start off when styling yourself is owns them. Dress in outfits that appreciate your curves. Baggy clothes don’t look so good on plus size women. A little flirty and not trashy could do. Emphasize on your assets.

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2. Make it as simple as possible. Stay away from bold and busy patterns. Floral patterns is a no go zone. Large polka dots are another no go zone, as well as geometric designs.

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3. Go light on the accessories. The belts shouldn’t be too big or too colorful. Know how to make your waist visible, by wearing fancy belts, slim belts work well with plus sized women.

4. Knitted outfits should be avoided. They may exaggerate the weight too. An alternative may be a light wool or cotton outfits

5.  Avoid peplum designs may draw attention to the waist line or tummy area. Plain or full dress and skirts would do for any plus size woman.

6. Proportionality is key. Your outfit should go in accordance with your body.

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7. Black is bae.

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8. Don’t be afraid of stripes. Many say that stripes may exaggerate your look, however, attitude is key. 

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9. Jackets should at least be single breasted as opposed to double breasted. Double breasted jackets make the outfit look wider and bigger, generally making the plus size lady bigger.
10. Color matters. Dark colors make you appear smaller. Bright colors just exaggerate your curves. Neutralizing colors make one appear a bit smaller.

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