The Drugging Menace in Nairobi

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(Last Updated On: October 27, 2016)
After yet another incident that happened over the weekend, a lone lady driver was drugged today in an attempted robbery at Uhuru highway in Nairobi. The menace that targets women in the city has been on the increase whereby either matatu crew or people in the pretense of marketing items give out flyers which are laced with drugs.
According to passers-by who witnessed the event, the woman shouted for help after realizing that the flyer had been laced with an unknown drug making her feel like passing out. One witness account on social media posted this:
“Hatumjui hata, alikuwa kwa gari yake pekee yake kakapewa plyer… kumbe kako drugged… kameshout at once help tukajua kuna noma. We don’t even know her, she was in her personal vehicle alone and was given a flyer which was drugged. She shouted for help at once then we knew there was trouble.”
It became more worrying because the flyers had been stamped for licensing and approval by the city county.
The weight loss flyers’ stamps were dated up to 15th December, 2016.

Other Cases of Drugging In Kenya

This happened just days after a matatu crew plying the Nairobi-Kawangware route made attempts to drug Carolyn Karimi. She said that by the time she broke free after a scuffle with the driver other female passengers had already passed out and were slumped at the backseat.

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The drug that was laced on the flyer is so far unknown. Although it is not so much dangerous, it has some effects to the victim, those that makes them docile and paralyzed therefore to the culprit’s advantage of robbing or even sexual assault as they are defenseless, likely effects might include loss of muscle control, confusion, drowsiness, illusion and amnesia. Such drugs that could cause these effects could be Rohypnol or LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide).
We hope all our Cityzens to stay safe out there!
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