Silver-Christmas-Decorations-281387HO!HO!HO!HO!We all familiar with the word CHRISI!!the days of slaughtering chicken and a whole goat to fill our celebrating tummies is no more. Christmas is just another day in the year calendar. we wake up late, avoiding brushing the teeth, dressed in pajamas for the whole day and probably watching movies or playing computer games.  the family warmth and the jolly environment is replaced with a routine of normalcy. another public holiday, time to sleep. The nineties were the days when Christmas was Christmas, families come together and bond for the next three days. grandparents tell stories and children dress up in the Cinderella dresses while the little boys had their checked and silky suits on. just have a flashback of that Christmas when you were little. the Dem days we say.

Everything seems to have lost its intend meaning and what we have nowadays is just a glimpse and a mere shadow of what used to exist in the past. as years go by, the meaning of eventful dates get washed by the encroaching culture of modernism. we consider the old as backward, forgetting the riches in gold the past has. Daystar university brought this Christmas mood on Wednesday the 20th of November; Christmas  carols comes early at Daystar Athi campus under the clubs docket.  the event was meant to bring students together and to share the love of Christmas. melodious voices of the different groups and bands from sing Africa choir to Boy band,  they showcased their prowess when it comes to harmonizing the sweet voices and singing about baby Jesus and Mary. It turned out to be an amazing night of lights, Santa, Christmas tree and cutting of cake. thank you Daystar, for an early Christmas.