The long holiday is finally here and it is bound to be fun if you know where to go and what to do. The holiday starts tomorrow stretching to Monday next week. Four days of no work but play and fun. The Easter holiday attracts a lot of activities and I have managed to gather some fun things while you are at it.

Salaries were paid just a week ago and this means that most of us still have money in our pockets. You could be adventurous and try going out of town this weekend. There is a plan at Forty Thieves in Mombasa that is bound to be so much fun. You will get to enjoy activities such as swimming and getting to compete in finding the Easter Eggs. There will also be cricket on the beach and beef roasting with music from resident DJs. You will also be served to a Pizza night through the whole weekend starting tomorrow.

Rugby fans can also have a great weekend in Nakuru where there will be tons of action over the weekend. The Nakuru 10s will be an amazing event for Rugby fans and it could turn into the ultimate Easter holiday plan.

You can also start the holiday tonight if you are in town. Thursday night live never disappoints. J’s club at Westlands will host the amazing Sage who will be performing her best songs. Hilton Hotel also has a mouthwatering buffet plan for you during this Easter holiday and you could try it out.

For the guys who love being indoors how about a movie treat? We have had probably the best series coming back: Prison Break. The second episode of season 7 has just been released and you could take time to watch it through the weekend. We also have the big one that the whole world is waiting for: Fate of the Furious. The release of this epic movie is tomorrow so you have something great to catch up on even if you decide to stay indoors this Easter holiday!