EASTER WEEKEND IS FINALLY HERE!! Edgy Fashion Guidelines For What To Wear, Where

Easter weekend is filled with so many plans. From lunches, sleepovers, concerts to parties, the range of things to do is endless. For many ladies, our problem is what to wear where. Differentiating between the formal and informal, decent or indecent.

Well we have various ideas to help ease your fashion problems.  The following are tips on what outfit goes where best:


This is a home bash that’s comfortable and just a drinking spree among friends. In such a party, look cute and confident. You don’t have to go all out as a simple dress. Wear just a little make up to highlight your natural look. The model is 90’s inspired in a black and white mini dress, shes topped it off with a cross over shoulder bag and ankle boots. How cute!

house party


Pool parties like the Easter Groove pool party going down this weekend is perfect to rock a sexy look. If you aren’t comfortable with attending a party in your swim suit, try out a pair of shorts or a simple chiffon dress that accentuates your bossy type. Pool parties don’t always mean that you have to jump in the pool.  give a feeling of cutting loose and just being yourself and no one shall judge you for it. This large tunic top with tribal prints will look cool. The model has accessorized with a cool hat and shades to keep the look edgy.

pool party outfit


For this you will require something sexy and comfortable to move around in. I would recommend something sleeveless because Kenyan clubs fill up and can get really hot. But you can carry a jacket or sexy coat with you just in case. For clubbing, short or revealing is not the only way to look sexy. If you planning on drinking, you can end up looking ratchet and just embarrassing yourself. Go for a sophisticated sexy, a look that will get you drinks wherever you go. The model has worn black mini dress and spiced wit up with a black and white checkered blazer and red heels and bag.

kenya party looks


The weekend is packed with various concerts like Party In the Wild in Nanyuki. Best thing is to be comfortable but simple at the same time. The model is dressed in a V-neck top, shorts and ankle high boots. Accessorize as you please. Keep all your belongings safely, NOT IN YOUR POCKET. Keep yourself free so as to move and jump around as you please.

concert look


A unique opportunity to show off your fashionista skills. Mix up African with urban or shoe off your traditional attire if you know it. Spice it up with appropriate accessories and boom!! U will rock it. The models are all in lovely African wear. Short or long, tight or loose, you can never go wrong in African outfits.

kenyan wedding looks


With the Soundfest festival coming up or Hakuna Matata,  a look that is cool, edgy and unique will set you apart. This tribal look is cool and can be worn with wither heels or sneakers! Whichever style you rock them in, you will look amazing.

festival look


Well we need to remember that Easter is time to also spend with your family. You can decide to dedicate one day to spend time with your family. Perhaps also your crush has finally asked you out and this is the perfect time to go on that date. For this, you need to be casual dressy. The model is dressed in beige from head to toe. Accessorizing with a long drooping necklace and chunky bracelet. Topping it all with a blazer. You will definitely be going on date number 2.

lunch date look

Stand straight up and enjoy your evening. The most beautiful women are confident women and a smile is your most beautiful accessory!

If you are looking for Easter hangout ideas, click here for ideas.


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