So, you all know by now that Ugandan queen of comedy, Anne Kansiime was named a brand ambassador or Kenyan company, Old Mutual.

However, Anne jonis a Kenyan line up of other ambassadors like Larry Madowo, Terryanne Chebet, OJ, Mogaka and Wilbroda.

Eddie Mbugua, an actor and former Apprentice Africa contestant took to Facebook and posted his thoughts on Anne joining that line up.

Eddie wrote, “So nice that Old Mutual got Kansiime as their brand ambassador…Kenyan artists are so few and incompetent that they had to sign up an international one.”

He added, “As a reciprocal act we should take up a policy with an international company instead and…oh wait, this is Kenya right…where outsiders embraced over their own- damn good strategy Old Mutual.”

He continued, “For a moment there I thought I was in Nigeria, Tanzania or Uganda where they embrace their own artists…sorry. As you were.”