The Effect Of Sauti Sol On Campus Love Relationships


For many years, many young people in Kenya were accustomed to listening to international bands like the Back street boys, Boys to men, Westlife and many more. These songs always defined the level at which the youth and their partners were at in the love relationships. The songs defined the good and the bad times of the time spent together, and then came one of their very own, with the name Sauti Sol.

A boy band made up of four masculine and macho’ men who are mostly eye candy to the female population. Willis Chimano, Savara Mudigi, BienAime Baraza and Polycarp Otieno have proven beyond doubt that they were born to run the world.


From their first studio album dubbed ‘Mwanzo’, to winning and also being nominated for different awards both in Africa and the international arena like the BET Awards in 2015, the band Sauti sol continues to be a force to reckon with and with assurance that they wont stop anytime soon.

They are yet to release another blood pumping and heart racing album dubbed “Live and Die In Africa” that is to be launched on the thirteenth of February this year, just a day before the much awaited Valentines ‘day.


Like in any other campus, the band has a large fan base in Daystar University and listening to their music has become part of their livelihoods and mostly a factor when it comes to love relations between the students.

For most ladies in Daystar, the song ‘SURA YAKO’ keeps them optimistic that it might be played in their weddings or when their current boyfriends will be paying dowry to their parents.

For the guys, the song ‘SOMA KIJANA’ encourages them to work hard so that they can provide for their partners and have better days.

The song ‘NEREA’ touches on both the ladies and the young men and simply brings out the idea of girls aborting and the boys encouraging safe sex. Because at the end of the day, no lady wants to have an abortion and no man wants to hear that his seed never saw the light of day.

One of the most memorable songs that bring a connection to the lovers in campus is the song dubbed ‘LAZIZI’. A song that caught the attention of young men that serenading a lady is one of the plus factors when it comes to matters relationship growth. If you don’t have the voice, simply get a band like Sauti Sol.

‘SHAKE YOUR BAM BAM AND NISHIKE’ are simply meant for the party moods when you are out and mostly high with your girl or your guy and most of those in campus use it to know the intimate side of the other.

A lot can be said about their songs but I know most cannot wait for the Live and Die In Africa album because as they make history be sure that those in campus will be included in their steps.