Effects of Xenophobia in South Africa

South Africa has been one of the countries that has been vividly feared for xenophobic attacks. It’s one of the countries in Africa that the act has continued to shun. What makes it irritating is the Africans attacking other African countries.

Xenophobia is generally defined as ‘the deep dislike of non-nationals by nationals of a recipient state.’  Xenophobia is also a manifestation of racism. Racism and xenophobia support each other and they share prejudiced discourse.

The waves have brought violence in the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria among other neighboring areas.  The attacks have led many people to remain closed in doors with the fear of losing their loved ones at the expense the xenophobic attacks.

Foreigners who are living in South Africa frequently live in fear. Recently the shops of foreigners were vandalized in the clashes that were witnessed from Tuesday. Why should an African hate on another African?

The Xenophobic attacks has made Nigerian students to come to the streets and declare enough is enough with the South Africans. They have given them 7 day ultimatum for them also to leave their country Nigeria.

The attacks have led to the demise of Nigerians in the country. It’s disheartening to watch how Africans are killing each other in the name of being patriotic. South African leaders needs to silence their rebels or else they will lose international friendship that co-exist.

The frequent murder, looting and displacement of people from other nationalities need to stop .  At least 5 people are reported dead and over 100 people are injured.

Watch the videos to see how xenophobia has created mayhem in South Africa.

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