As to what seemed love gone sour, Egerton university continues to trend for the wrong reasons. One Ms. Cynthia Chelagat’s life was cut short when her estranged boyfriend, Edmond Ruto stabbed her to death. Cynthia who was a fourth year Animal Science student is said to have been stabbed on the neck on an incident that happened on Monday morning.

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The incident happened at a rented house just outside the University’s main campus in Njoro town. However, reports say that Cynthia had told her friends and neighbors about her hostile boyfriend and their troubled relationship.

The landlady, a Ms. Anne Muthoni confirmed that the boyfriend had been stopped from accessing the property week before as he forcibly wanted to access it.

The worrying trend of university students being involved in love scuffles that end up fatal continues.

Cynthia was pronounced dead on arrival at Nakuru Level Five hospital.