A female Egerton University student has exposed a man who she says has been ‘terrorizing’ girls at the University for a while. She explained her story and what happened to her each time she encountered the man.

She fell for his sweet lies: the promise about getting a job after graduation and him letting her invite a friend to their first meeting so she’d feel safe and comfortable and it all went downhill from there.

She claims the man raped her (seeing as she blacked out until morning and woke up with vaginal pains), impregnated her and then abandoned her. Anthony Sigilai then allegedly tricked the girl into getting an abortion, hence the abortion pills his doctor gave her which caused her to bleed the undeveloped baby out in public while she was on campus.

She feels that she was publicly humiliated by the guy and she was apparently not his only victim. She openly posted her experience on the Facebook group “EGERTON CAMPUS LIFE”  in an attempt to warn others about his ways and advise them to watch out for him.

The man has since denied the accusations referring to them as ‘lies’. He says the lady, Brenda Cheruto, invented this story so as to ruin his reputation. He says she doesn’t have sufficient incriminating evidence and because of this she did not take her story somewhere where she could get justice.

He then went on to post screenshots of the accusers stalker posts;

So what do you think? Whose fooling who? Share your thoughts below.