The past few days, and actually years, Kenyan artists have been up in arms against the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK). Many artists complain to the fact that they are not able to make money off their music. Today artists went to Nation Media Group building demanding their Skiza tunes money. According to them, their music has been downloaded however they have nothing to show.

In the below video, Elani have come forward explaining the reason why they have been quiet. The trio name 2014 as their most successful year with 5 hits including Zuzu, Barua ya dunia and Milele however they were left in debt! Wambui questioned;

“If radio stations.. banks.. taxi owners, bus owners and matatu owners, if salons and kinyozis and event organizers…if everyone gives this money into MCSK, why isnt it coming out? Where is it? Where did it go?

In the video they make a plea for transparency and accountability on the part of MCSK for them to receive their money.

Watch the video below:

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