For most campuses it is the season for elections. These are characterized by posters, interruption of
classes in order for an aspiring candidate to share his manifesto, buying people food at the kibanda
nearest the school and it even stretches to buying drinks after classes.
We have heard some people cry foul after the results are announced. Well, should you just accept the
results as they are or should or contest them? To that we say to each, his own. The question remains,
where do these students get the money to finance their campaigns.
Rumor has it some get funds from political affiliations with the who’s who in government. Others have
side hustles that come through for them and the rest? Well, in a coming article we shall speak to a few
aspirants and those already in office to shed more light on this pressing issue. Perhaps a few people can
borrow notes.
It is however evident that the guys who run are required to attain a certain grade. A measure taken by
the university perhaps to ensure that the job doesn’t get into the way of your academics after all that is
what took you to that campus in the first place right?!
Very recently we saw a University of Nairobi student influence the vote at Moi University. Coming up
are the elections for both Jkuat Juja and Jkuat Karen. I cannot wait to see the drama that unfolds. The
scheduled dates should be the 3rd of November. Stay tuned we’ll bring you all the drama as it unfolds!