Embracing the Kinks and Curls

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2014)
A woman’s hair has been given a lot of analogies. Some term it as her crown; others her character. Altering it can completely change ones image. That’s why ladies tend to be faithful to a particular length as men are to their barbers.
When I decided to keep short natural hair, I wasn’t quite sure how I’d pull it off. My hair is somewhat hard to classify. Not too hard but can still break a comb or two yet curls on its own. 
Currently, many ladies are embracing their natural hair. What triggered this era? I’m still deciding; it could be short-haired Lupita winning an Oscar or the Whatsapp video that was doing rounds shaming all women who spend too much on weaves and they’ve never won anything. I’m inclined to the latter.
Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against horse hair but I do find it equal to bleaching (read skin lightening). However, away from that nonsense. We say black is beauty… Why not make kinky the new black? 🙂 At least your romantic or intimate scenes won’t too often turn lethal humiliation.
 If you dare consider to go natural remember these few tips;
Drink water for Christ sake. You can’t expect soft hair if you have the same water consumption with a person in the Kalahari.
2. Moisturize
Your scalp is alive. Keep it that way by using products that retain moisture in your hair because it is as important as water intake.
3. Accessorize
This is my favourite. I’m talking about scarfs, beaded headbands or bows. They add style to that simple look.
I think I’ve mentioned the most important ones.
What I’m trying to say is simple; embrace your natural hair; short or long love it with all its kinks, all its curls. There are so many products, sites and blogs out there that could help you in this endeavour. Check out www.curlynikki.com or www.afrobella.com
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