Emily Chebet Back On Her Feet For Another Win

After an allergic reaction had Emily Chebet held down during the National Trials and had her finish 14th place, the athlete has sworn to spring back to action after she has been drafted as a wildcard, giving her the opportunity to be the first Kenyan woman to win the world championship three times.

“I think the change of climate from the cold Europe to humid Nairobi affected my performance and the allergic reaction worsened the situation,” said Chebet, fresh from winning the 33rd Internacionale de Italica. It is her vast experience dating back to almost two decades, that has given Emily Chebet an upper hand, after winning the World Cross Country title in 2010 in Poland and returning to the same place to recapture the same title three years later.
It has been predicted that the weather conditions at the World Cross Country Championships in China, due on 28th March, will be very cold. The temperatures will hit as low as 13 degrees and showers are to be expected on the D-day. Chebet says that she is quite conversant with the weather condition and is determined to bring victory back home.
The athletic dream team consists of Agnes Jebet who won the silver at the Junior World Cross Country 2013, Janet Kisa who finished second at the Africa Cross after finishing sixth in the senior women’s race in 2013. Other team members are Iken Chebet, Stacy Ndiwa and Margaret Jelimo.
Emily Chebet admits to Ethiopia being their biggest threat for the Championship. “I know everyone in my team is equally good but Ethiopia still posses as our biggest challenge. I believe, however, that we can win both titles if we show good team work and spirit,” she said during an interview.
As Kenyans, unaccustomed to harsh weather conditions of that nature, we wish the team the best of luck as they go to represent their motherland out there; we will keep them in our hearts.

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