Encryption-based Ransomware Wannacrypt hits Kenya


The Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) sent out a warning over the weekend of a cyber attack that was targeting operating systems in Kenya. By yesterday afternoon there were already five reports of the malicious software hitting some companies in the Country.

William Makatiani, CEO Serianu spoke to NTV on Monday evening and explained what the attack was about. In an interview with Dan Mwangi, Makatiani said that the Wannacrypt ransomware hits mostly machines with Windows operating systems which have an 80% usage in Kenya. “This ransomware hits an operating system without being detected and locks it up with a password that will require you to pay money so as to access the system again,” he said on the interview.

The mode of payment was by Bitcoins which are not used in Kenya hence this would be a disaster for most companies when hit. Makatiani also mentioned that most companies in the public sector had an 83.1% vulnerability of being hit compared to 15% rate of Private ones.

“The best way to prevent this cyber attack from affecting you is if you update your operating system regularly and also use a proper functioning Antivirus,” Makatiani said. He also recommended back up so that most data would not be lost in case the attack happened.

The hackers behind this malware mostly target public institutions such as Banks and Hospitals. According to a research carried out by Serianu Kenya had lost 18 billion last year to hackers who carried out cyber attacks. You can check out the interview on this link https://youtu.be/WU7MVpgf_CE.