By Waridi Ajambo.

“Some women follow men and some choose to follow their dreams .If you are wondering which way to go remember your career will never wake up and tell you it does not love you anymore.” The words above were stated by a renowned personality Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

Fact is things like your career inanimate as they are they seem to always have your back. Note that there is a big difference between your career and your job. You do your job because you are required to but your career goes hand in hand with what you hold highly.

At one point Germanotta’s statement seemed heartless because without love the world is a dark place. That was my belief system before but now I hold different sentiments and I agree with her thoughts. You invest your time in loving someone very dearly then a high definition version of you comes along and suddenly you are nonexistent thereafter you are replaced. This is not to mean that we do not need love: we need to use our brains also when loving someone. With that time you spent loving someone and you do not have a fall back plan when they leave you that unfortunately makes you a fool.

This is the Y generation you do not need a man to prove your worth, to be gender sensitive neither do you need a woman to emphasize your importance. It is better to die for an idea which will live on long after you are dead than to live for an idea which will die. What do you hope to live behind once you are gone? If what you hope to achieve is to get married to someone and you limit yourself to that what happens to your dreams?

One should always say no to the things that hold them back. Each person has their worth in society make sure you leave a permanent mark once everything turns to ashes.