Epic Fashion Fails at Mr and Miss Moi University


Dressing for an evening event has always been challenging for both ladies and gentlemen. More so, an evening party requires you to up your game in all aspects of your fashion. The Mr. and Miss Moi University town campus competition did not fall short of those who turned up to kill fashion.

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Here are some of the epic fails of that night.

  1. LBD Dont! 


The idea of a little black dress dawns on almost every woman when you are thinking of an evening party. The dress speaks for itself. Adding unnecessary accessories to it makes you look unsettled in your idea of the event, immature in your fashion sense and totally and completely confused. This look killed the mother of fashion.

2. Ukamba joh!


Think the picture speaks very well for itself.

3.African Cowboy

Let’s admit it; Kenyan men are still faced with the challenge of dressing to impress especially during events. Looking sharp in a nicely tailored suit is not the easiest, but trying to wear everything that seems nice in your wardrobe for a single night is another sad story.


4. Cardigan boy


After the Equinox, most of us are really trying to cover up but at least we try and keep our sophistication and fresh look alive. This guy, showed up for evening event looking like he has just alighted from a Machakos Bus from a village that is clearly away from civilization. It will not kill you to leave your hood side home, get a good pair of pants and a well-fitting coat or shirt and drop the funny looking YOLO cap. Cardigans are not for attending events unless you are ten.

5. See through


There is nothing as cute as a crop top, with a nice skimpy skirt or trousers and nice open either flat or high heeled shoes. She looked like she knew her fashion but she failed to know what type of brazier to wear. Ladies enjoy rocking clothes that show off a little of what their ‘mama’ gave them but they should be careful of the time of day, because camera lights can show more than you had planned to expose and also work on different possess.

6. Too much too soon

The meaning of decency is relative to most of us but this does not give anyone the right to kill fashion. Hollywood has made it okay for us to strip red carpet events in snickers or rubber shoes but while you are at it, ensure your upper look is as good as the shoes on your feet. Even with the concept of the after party, don’t attend an evening event looking like you were robbed. Put on something well-fitting and classy at the same time.


7. H 2 Not


If you are planning to show your legs then show it all. But if you just want to tease, make sure the shoes are trendy, classy and show sophistication. The rubber shoes on these feet are meant for the shamba not any event.