Epic Moments from Beneath The Baobabs Festival 2022/23

The Beneath the Baobabs festival in Kilifi, Kenya in 2022/23 was a truly unforgettable event, filled with moments that will be remembered for years to come. The festival, which was held in the picturesque coastal town of Kilifi, brought together an incredible lineup of over 60 artists and performers, as well as a wide range of cultural and educational experiences at the Kisima wellness program.

The valley stage at BTB 2022/23

Set on 50 acres of pristine Enchanted Baobab Forest, upstream from the Takaungu Creek and 5kms from the Indian Ocean, Beneath The Baobabs Festival is the perfect tropical setting for a party and holiday experience, giving the best of all worlds, offering an immersive experience of contemporary and traditional Kenyan culture. Not forgetting the creatively designed DIY stages that set its standards to a whole new level.

The main stage at BTB 2022/23

The festival officially kicked off on 30th December 2022 with a bang, featuring traditional dances and performances, as well as a set by some of the best artists in the region.

One of the most highly anticipated performances of the festival was that of the Kenyan gengetone Trio, Ochungulo Family. They brought their signature high-energy sound and stage presence to the main stage, thrilling the crowd with hit songs. The band’s performance was so electrifying that many people in the audience were seen jumping and dancing throughout the performance.

Another standout performance came from the Baobab Dance Ensemble, a local group that specializes in traditional dance and drumming. Their powerful and athletic routines, accompanied by the deep rhythms of the drums, had the crowd on their feet and cheering. The Baobab Dance Ensemble not only entertained the crowd but also gave a glimpse of the rich culture and tradition of the Kilifi people.

In addition to the performances and cultural experiences, the festival also featured a wide range of delicious food and drink from the region. The vendors offered a diverse selection of local delicacies, including grilled meats, seafood, and traditional stews, as well as a variety of sweet treats and local beverages. The food was a true reflection of the diversity of the Kilifi region, showcasing the different cultures and traditions.

All in all, the Beneath the Baobabs festival 2022/23 was an unforgettable experience that brought together the best of music, dance, culture, and food from the region. It was a true celebration of the rich heritage of the Kilifi region and a testament to the power of art and culture to bring people together. The festival was a great success and provided a platform for local artists to showcase their talents to a wider audience and also gave visitors an opportunity to learn more about the Kilifi culture as they enjoy the most epic NYE party in East Africa.

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