Eric Omondi fans have eagerly been anticipating what would be of his much publicized relationship with girlfriend Chantal, owing to a clip that’s been doing rounds on the internet. According to the leaked clip, an irate Chantal shouts at Eric over sending a lot of airtime to other females. Well, Eric has recently come out to debunk claims of infidelity and a split with his 2-year long girlfriend.

Eric terms the leaked clip as “not real” and further goes on to declare that he would never fight an Italian! He then proceeds to gift his girlfriend with a bouquet of flower and chocolate.

So what was the video about?

As usual, Eric is busy making money and the clip was all part of an elaborate plan to market a new application called OCharge. OCharge is an Airtime Recharge App which rewards users with discount vouchers and deals from Kenya’s top brands, every time they top-up their mobile phones credit.

Powered by Oliza, which is among the first investments of iSON Innovation and Investments(i3) (a subsidiary of iSON Group), a global leader in BPO services; OCharge  aims to redefine consumer internet business in Africa.

How does it work?

According to Pratik Kumar, founder at OCharge:

“Airtime recharge constitutes the largest share of expenses for an average young adult Kenyan. Youth is spending more than 50% of their disposable money on airtime and data, and so have to cut corners on other expenses. At OCharge, we want to enable them to do MORE with what they have, without having to compromise. The thought was simple — spend Ksh 200 on airtime, and get Ksh 200 off on your next pizza purchase.”

So getting a good deal at a restaurant or for a gift for Chantal explains the airtime Eric was sending around. It’s all good in paradise!