The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic for Jacque Maribe for sure. From being a top journalist working in a top media house to being a murder suspect, getting arrested and now the same media fraternity you once thought was family kind of turning against you.

The situation is bad enough already for the Citizen TV journalist and as if that’s not enough, Kenyans and the online media as well are already dragging her into fresh baby daddy issues with her former boyfriend one Eric Omondi.

The two have a past together and rumors about the two having a child have always been around it’s just that they seem to have sort of blown up afresh. Well earlier this week Eric Omondi is said to have been asked about the issue only to deny it claiming he knew the baby daddy and that it wasn’t really him.

Amidst all the rumors, the former Churchill Show comedian went ahead to share a picture of Jacque Maribe’s son staring at his mother’s portrait on his Instagram page. That only fueled the rumors some more and from the comments many left in the comment section, him doing that was like a confirmation to what was already being speculated.