Comedian Eric Omondi has released yet another parody that has gotten people talking in the online community.

We are used to him doing parodies of hit songs which in most cases end up being ‘naughty’ either the audio or the video but this time round, he decided to do something different. This time, he decided to pay homage to the pioneers of Kenyan comedy, the likes of the late Mzee Kajwang, Mzee Kobe, Mama Kayai, Churchill and many more.

He also acknowledges the second generation of Kenyan Comedians like MC Tricky, Chipukeezy, Jalang’o and many more urging them to keep the industry alive. “Wimbo wa Histroia” was an original composition of Enock Ondego done back in the 1970’s and was recently redone by a 13 year old Leyla Mohammed sort of bringing the song to life once again.

Check out Eric Omondi’s version in the link below;

Courtesy of mtikiso .