Essence and Charm in Vinn Clizz Suits


The days when men would wear unflattering attire are long gone with the modern breed of men discovering the essence and charm of tailored pieces .

Baggy doesn't work anymore.
Baggy doesn’t work anymore.

Established in April last year, Vinn Clizz  Designs  is tapping into the growing desire of men to look good offering unrivaled men’s attire exuding elegance and style.

It started as a basic idea when color- blocking and  colored suits trends were just emerging. Vinn clizz designs has a variety of well thought out ideas, laced with a touch of class, creating fashionable outfits for Gents. Vinn clizz designs has a wide selection of colors, designs and fabrics to choose from.
The designs are pocket friendly and can be worn to any occasion. The clothing line boasting of an able team of young entrepreneurs is clearly shaping the men’s fashion industry.


The professional suits are designed to flatter and hide flaws. The meticulous construction of Vinn Clizz suits highlights a man’s strong points without making the suit uncomfortable. All the aspects of a great dress suit are designed to flatter the person having them on and make him more aesthetically appealing to those around him.

Being colorful doesn't hurt, just a little bit
Being colorful doesn’t hurt, just a little bit

The CEO of the fashion house Vincent Wangara talks of a strong desire to create the modern man to match the modern world pushing him to delve into ‘structure and fit’ men’s suits. Classic grey, navy, sky blue, orange and black hues mark a selection of styles that lengthen a man’s stature and trimming his silhouette. The designs offers options of playing around with casual, business and formal slacks, blazers, and more different occasions.

Classy doesn't have to be expensive
Classy doesn’t have to be expensive

The materials used to construct each piece with a comfortable fit and no unnecessary bulk. The full lining adds structure and the right amount of weight for a smooth, draped finish. The precision fit of every pair of slacks imparts a sleek, slim style unlike any other.

Be comfortable
Be comfortable

When you’re headed to the office, slip into a fitted men’s professional suit with sleek dress shoes for a powerful, sophisticated look that commands attention. For more relaxed events like happy hour, you can don a pair of slimming slacks with a cardigan for casual work attire at its finest. From weddings to an evening out, dress to impress in any of the many options paired with a simple button down and great shoes.


The men’s suit selection from Vinn Clizz Designs imparts classic style with modern touches to keep you classy and charming for a hard day at work, or a casual day away from the office or an evening date.

Want a classy and elegant official look? Then Vinn Clizz is out there. You can get in touch with Vincent on or on 0729717079.