Estelle: 10 Things You Didn’t Know


Grammy Award winning songbird Estelle is among the most popular British soul singers to make it big internationally. However, she didn’t make it there alone. Thanks to support from John Legend, Kanye West and her fans across the world, Estelle went from being named the Best Newcomer in England to carrying away a coveted Grammy Award in America just three years later.In 2016, she is still making huge moves in her musical career as she will be performing at Nairobi’s Blankets and Wine at Ngong Racecourse this coming Sunday.

The following facts describe Estelle in a nutshell:

1.Did you know that Estelle made a cameo appearance on the television series ‘Empire’ which Jussie Smollet to sing a song called ‘Conqueror’

2.Did you know that Estelle did a moving tribute to Martin Luther King Junior

3.Did you know that Estelle’s fourth studio album is called ‘True Romance’
4.Did you know that her is 5’5″(165cm) tall
5.Did you know that her favourite African dish is Okra soup with rice and beef
6.Did you know that her shoe size is number nine
7.Did you know that she was a music journalist for a website.
8.Did you know that she is very petite in body size.
9.Did you know that she is a church goer.
10. Did you know that Estelle’s Star Sign is Capricorn.