Eston Omudi is a 27 year old professional drummer who gave up piloting so as to pursue a career in music. Eston attended the East African School of Aviation and later went on to work at Kenya Airways.

He worked at KQ for 5 months and made the difficult decision to leave his job and pursue his love for music. He tells us more about his journey in music so far after taking that courageous step.

  1. Was it hard to cope which the transition from piloting to drumming?

Yes, the transition from working at a well-paying job at KQ was definitely challenging as drumming and music generally wouldn’t pay so well.

  1. Aside from drumming what do you?

I teach drums, the bass and acoustic guitar in various schools like, Abacus Kindergarten in Green Park, Teule School in Athi River among others. I also own a music school called Judah Music School as well as hire out instruments as a side business. I also work as a consultant for a moving company.


  1. How long have you been in the music industry and who have you worked with?

I started out in 2007, so it’s been ten years now. I have played for Jack Odongo, Lydia Dola, Lydia Ogoti, Unveiled the Band and the Kahawas.


  1. What achievements have you made over the years?

Aside from opening a music school, I was featured in the World Orphan’s day 2016 at Louis Leakey auditorium as a drummer. In the same year I played for God’s Project Band.


  1. What challenges have you had so far?

As I said before the work in music is not as paying. It also gets hard to balance and I had to put consultancy on hold to do music at some point as both are time consuming. The passion and love for what I am doing however, keeps me going. What I would tell anyone out there looking to pursue their dreams is; Follow your heart, create as many connections as possible…be as friendly as possible.