OVER THE WEEKEND: Etana Live in Nairobi!!!


A Grammy nominee, Jamaican Reggae Singer, Etana, is in town. She is here to perform at an event dubbed “ Etana Returns” . The event is scheduled to go down tomorrow at Uhuru Gardens.  She opens up , in an exclusive interview on Day Break at Citizen Television.

The beautiful sensational reggae artist was formerly  a background vocalist for Richie Spice. She is a house name for the reggae lovers. Etana is expected to breathe fire at Uhuru gardens for 2 hours. Some of the songs she has sang include:Love Song, I’m not afraid, A rendition of Weakness in me among other songs.

She looks composed in the interview and confirmed her love for Kenya. Etana has been here before and it’s her third trip to 254.

” I love music, I love people and this has made me bounce back.”

She asserted. Being an only girl in the family comprising 13 boys have confirmed her to be a super strong singer.

In regard to the issue concerning ladies who are planning to join the industry; she advises that they do not need to use their lower half to make it in the industry. She accolades her success story from her family escapades. ” I grew watching a lot of pain, struggles and always wanted to create change.” She exclaimed.

One would be mesmerized to hear her express her love for God. Most reggae musicians are associated with Cannabis Sativa which is quite cynical in her case. “I lean on God and I do pray,” she acknowledged. Etana has outlived nightmares of living in a broken family and has come out stronger.

The 34-year-old reggae artist is married and has managed to balance her career and family. Her greatest fear is when her relatives fail but she has been an epitome person who has stood up. Being a writer and a producer, she looks up to those who went ahead of her. She mentions the late Whitney Houston as her biggest inspiration.

Etana listens to Beyonce, Taurus Riley, Busy Signal and Stevie Wonder productions among others.

As she is expected to perform tomorrow, she is looking forward to do a collabo with a Kenyan artist. Her final remarks were quite remarkable and tomorrow she will be rocking Uhuru Gardens.






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