They say you should know who you are messing with and that’s exactly what a teen who calls himself Evander Malik on social media learned after he received a dog’s beating from an angry brother who felt as though his sister had just been used and dumped.

A video of the confrontation between the two surfaced online late last week. In the Video that has now gone viral, a guy named Sparta is seen raining slaps and blows on a helpless Malik for allegedly impregnating his younger sister.

Malik who ironically on Instagram describes himself as a lover of gym is seen doing nothing but covering his face and begging Sparta to forgive him.

Sparta and his friends proceeded to check out Malik’s phone to confirm how girls he may have been messing around with then realizes Malik has quite a number of girlfriends something which only infuriated him the more.

The fact that the sister in question is pregnant leaves us wondering if these two will indeed end up as in laws or what exactly is gonna happen in this situation. Meanwhile Malik seems to have gained overnight fame following the incident and many people are really enjoying trolling him in the comment section.



He seems to love the attention he is getting and he even posted yet another pic today after some requested him to so they can see and leave him some new comments.