Evans Gikunda’s Momo’s


Trending on Twitter are screenshots between Radio Africa’s Evans Gikunda’s and a friend.

In the conversation, he mentions various women who he goes into details about their time together.

We have compiled the list of the women, who he refers to as ‘momos’ here:

  1. Tichophil


Mercy Cherotich Tanui, whose father is a judge and is ‘obsessed’ with him.

2. Shishi P


The four foot lady 23 year old lady whom he described as “a ball of fat.”

3. Spazbender


Named Wamuyu, he seduced her with chapo!!

4. Makena (BintiM)

A strong feminist who Evans eagerly wants to have.


5. Cess Mutungi

Cess Mutungi nice photo

He described her as woman in menopause, riddled with being horny. He exposed her lover as OJ.

6. Caroline Mutoko

He accused the popular radio presenter of having a hand in the death of Mutula Kilonzo.


7. Grace Msalame

A Radio Africa Executive, Grace is a no go zone for Evans as she is Patrick Quarcoo’s mistress, group CEO of Radio Africa.


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