In 2014 the railway lines were laid and on the 31st of May 2017, the SGR train is being launched. Now fittingly renamed Madaraka Express as it is launched on the Eve of Madaraka day, many Kenyans are excited!


A trip to Mombasa is going to cost Ksh. 900 taking a total of 5 hours to arrive.


Two of the trains, one from Mombasa and the other from Nairobi, will run a daily express service between the two cities. The third train will be an inter-county one that will make stops subject to passenger availability at the stations along the line.

This is meant to make SGR competitive against buses plying the Nairobi-Mombasa route. The Transport Principal Secretary Paul Mwangi said;

“The three trains will run daily for the first three years but if there is a need to add others, we will do so according to capacity. As the urban centres along the SGR grow, then the hinterlands around them will get a ripple effect,”

Mr Mwangi also said 45,000 Kenyans gained from skills transfer in modern railway building techniques while 934 local companies provided materials for the project.

The train will leave Mombasa at 8am, making stops at the seven main stations for commissioning before arriving in Nairobi at 4pm. The SGR daily passenger capacity will be 3,600 or about 70 buses.
We are very excited about the SGR. #GoKDelivers