Meet Varcity’s first guest, the highly distinguished Babu Owino. He isn’t a stranger to anyone, he has been all over the media for both the positives and negatives, but bottom line, and we got to agree he is influential. Thus, he requires a briefer introduction. He is interesting, he that person who entertains us, he is the plug.

The actuary and soon to be lawyer, Babu Ongili also known as Babu Owino is a role model, a man of distinction is the current SONU chairman, “next Emabakasi East MP’’ Babu quoted there. He has distinguished himself as one of the influential student leaders University Of Nairobi has known.

What makes Babu’s achievements all the more remarkable, is the fact that he has made his name a household through student service. He has humbled himself to go far and wide to make sure the needs and interests of students have been met.

It is evident that, you the public all know a great deal about his leadership and campus life. But there is more to Babu than just SONU.

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“Babu” was a nickname that stuck since early childhood, and now it found its way to his official documents. By norms of society, last borns are spoilt and spoon-fed, he is one of the few lastborns with an older brother and sister and depicts sense of responsibility that firstborns usually have.

He is patriotic, “peace loving Kenyan” his words. He has been SONU chairman for the fourth time, legendary, huh? Westlands wasn’t ready for him just yet. He now believes his passion for politics and all the experiences he needed and gained in the game, have birthed extreme confidence in him. He knows that vying for the Embakasi East parliamentary seat will be a success.

Babu’s life not only revolves on politics, but also his businesses, academics, family and a social life. All he has to do is manage his time appropriately to achieve his goals. He believes in nurturing others, that’s his definition of leadership.

His leadership sequence is student leader- Embakasi East MP- Nairobi governor – Kenya’s president.

Watch the exciting full interview below:

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