Johnny Vigeti has released his first solo album named ‘Mr Vigeti. If you didn’t know, he is giving the album for free to all! I know, unbelievable! Beginning Sunday, the Vigeti crew began a countrywide tour to distribute 25,000 copies of his new self-titled album MR VIGETI and get this; they are giving out the albums for FREE. You just have to be at the right place at the right time. Here are his album release dates across Kenya.

We first heard of him when the iconic group Kalamashaka ruled over Kenyan hip-hop. Dubbed a Legend, Mister vigeti then went under. Who knew how bad it had gotten. He was sought after by Ken Ring to whom he owes his gratitude for saving him from a life of drugs and crime. Johnny vigeti was presented with two choices, music or a ‘fucked up’ life in the streets. It is never easy recovering from Heroin addiction especially one that has been there for 13 years.

With a new album currently in circulation, it is very evident that the King is ready to take his throne back. The music features collaborations with artists such as gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage, Wyre, Abbas and many more. The album is inspired by his life and is filled with very emotional lyrics that soothe and transport the mind into an island of hope.

We met up with the former Kalamashaka member and got an exclusive look at the behind-the-scenes video shoot with Wyre the love child himself. The song is Barua ya Mwisho, an emotional song in the Mr Vigeti album. The location was Kijabe Street, after searching, the perfect location was found. Wyre was quick to get into his ‘music video’ look and for Vigeti, you could see the song has very deep meaning for him.

The love between Vigeti and KenRing, his producer, is clear to see. The two Swedish camera guys were flown in by Kenring himself as they are the best in creating beautiful work. We truly are impressed by Johnny and his comeback and cannot wait to see the video, keep it Varcity to know when its out.