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(Last Updated On: May 14, 2015)

Being a woman has its fair share of challenges. Well, there is a man on the prowl who is ready to ‘eat you alive’! You may have heard it on Classic or read it on various blogs, however, we have gotten the real juicy details for you.

The man in question is the owner of Premier Rehab Centre or Sports Medicine Clinic. Beware of getting any physical from a chiropractor named Hamisi Ali Kote, 34, who is bound to view you only as meat!

A Daystar student was involved in a car accident that left her with a back injury. As per the procedure, she was recommended to go to a chiropractor to help her as she continued healing. Little did she know she was headed into the dragons den.

She would go for her appointments at Premier Rehab Centre only to be met by the lustful Hamisi. He slowly begun to creep into her good side, sending her suggestive text messages to the number she innocently wrote down as she filled in her contact information for the hospital.

Hamisi: Morning gal I slept great late watching football then I have a 6am appointment but I’m not complaining.  You how was your night hope abit wet hahahaha

Another read;

X: Am having a series of meetings till 5, then after go to the salon.

Hamisi:        For waxing down their???

X: Hehehe…do my hair and nails

Hamisi:        Lol ok I will do the waxing myself then

The flirtation doesn’t end there as he goes on to call her babe and sweetie and constant insistence on meeting her although she found to be very odd. A Peponi student also had her rib cracked by him when she went there for treatment. The mother was very upset about this and even went as far as to say he ‘abuses patients’.

However, this is not the first time he has been accused of this behavior. Before he opened his own practice, he used to work in Nairobi Hospital. People complained to the head of the department at the time, Jessica Shiraku and he left. That was when he went on to open his own practice in 2003.  To make matters worse, Hamisi is a married man! His wife is from Singapore and lives there. They have one child who also lives there. Little does she know what he gets up to while here.  We whatever anybody does really is their own business. However, when it involves students, we feel the need to warn you. Do not fall prey and be a notch on his belt. Stay away from Hamisi!!

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