Serena Williams, the all time tennis champion , just made a Glam Slam Vogue video for 7/11. If you think Beyonce killed it, you have not seen this sports lady semi dancing, semi playing tennis. She’s epic. This is officially my favorite video of the day.

In it, she’s looking pretty in tennis gear and she’s doing cart wheels. At some point she’s in BallenIsles Country Club hallway holding her racket…Almost Twerking better than Lady Bee herself. She’s even on a tennis cart with her cute dog. Where’d that come from? Too interesting. My favorite part is the ‘BossVibe’ part at the tennis bench. Too awesome. The video is well edited and Serena made practicing power shots look fun. After such a video who wouldn’t wanna learn Tennis.
Let’s give credit to Vogue’s April Cover girl for the excellent performance. That definitely out did the Beyonce free style video.