#EXCLUSIVE Johnny Vigeti Featuring Alicios Theluji Touching Video ‘Mama’ Is Out!! WATCH HERE!!


If you are abouit to watch this song, listen to the words and understand what  Johnny Vigeti is saying. As a recovering drug addict, his fall from fame was q uick as he dove deeper into the tight grip of heroine. hHowever, with the help of his producer/mentor, Ken Ring has ‘resurrected’ him and put him in a studio. The result of this is a touching tribute he wrote to his mother.

“We did it in one take” Ken Ring proudly told us when we discussed the recording of this track. “After we were done, I went and found Johnny in the corner of the room balling his eyes out! Thats when you know you have a nice track. You need to go into the emotions and give people real feelings.”

and real feelings they did produce on this track. In mama he talks of how he regrets the decisions he’s made in his life as he knows he is meant to be a great person by now. From the number one hip hop group in Kenya, Kalamashaka, Johnny’s demeanour is one of a broken man who is determined to make it back.

The video is simple, as it should be for you to better listen to the words. So sit back and watch the new song from Johnny Vigeti featuring Alicios Theluji ‘Mama’;