Her daring butt pic has been making rounds on the Internet today. The lady, known as Pesh, is definitely not shy as she has exposed her back side for the world to see! Perhaps taking a leaf out of Kim Kardashian’s book and leaving nothing to the imagination. Which leads many of us to question, is she the next Vera Sidika?

Her facebook page is titled Pesh. She believes a public figure and the next big thing on these streets simply because she has what all men like… a big fat derriere. As a feminist, I’ll keep my very strong opinions to myself. Her page was at 900 likes this morning but has somehow catapulted to almost 1,500 in a few hours.
Pesh Lema, is actually an MKU student with a zeal for the spotlight. Well, here are some of her pictures.
Do you think she’s trying too hard or she’s putting up enough sweat for the long run? Comment below.