AK47 , a popular Ugandan Dancehall musician was found dead in a bar identified as Dejavu. The details of the shocking death of Emmanuel Mayanja Hummertone report indicate that he had a fell in the bathroom and was found bleeding at around 8pm. On being rushed to Nsyamba Hospital, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

According to fellow singer Diamond Oscar who was with the deceased at Dejavu, a pub in Kansanga, AK47 died after falling in the bathrooms of the pub where he had gone to ease himself. Oscar said;

“We were called by one of the bouncers who told us that our friend had fallen and collapsed in the wash rooms. We thought he had just collapsed, so we got off our shirts and started waving so that he could get some fresh air.”

When they realized that wasn’t working and AK47 started bleeding even through his nose they rushed him to the nearest pharmacy then later hospital. At 9.45pm, the doctors declared the young talented man dead. The police are still investigating his death.
His family and friends are still in shock of how sudden and unexpected his death was. His brothers namely Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone, Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso and Douglas Mayanja aka Weasle (all musicians like him) wrote moving tributes on social media to honour their beloved brother.

AK47 was attached to Team No Sleep music crew that was formed by Radio & Weasle’s breakaway manager Jeff Kiwanuka. Other reports indicate that the fallen singer is survived by three children including a set of twins that are yet to turn six months of age.

AK47 dropped out of school after completing his senior six and at twenty three years of age, he was one of the fastest growing dance-hall musicians. Fans and fellow musicians thronged Nsambya Hospital till the wee hours of the night.
Rest In peace Emmanuel Mayanja.