The biggest interview of the year hosted by Adelle Onyango went down at Kiss FM with Keri Hilson. Famous for her songs: Knock you down (2009), Pretty Girl Rock (2010) and Turnin Me On (2009).

For all those who missed the interview on the mid morning radio show, here is a recap.

Keri Hilson went off music for 7 years to live life and build confidence she says.

Keri Hilson shocked her fans, when asked by Adelle what African dish she can prepare, fufu was her answer. She went ahead and humored her fans when she said she would produce a whole album ifshe woke up as Kanye West, I mean, who wouldn’t.

Her answer to the question, what three things she would save in case of a fire, was her computer, IPod and her music. That’s how passionate she is with what she does.

From the interview we get to know that Miss Keri Hilson, if stuck on an island, would choose Kim Kardashian instead of Beyoncé and Ludacris for obvious reasons, you’ll be saved in a matter of seconds.

Keri Hilson in the Big Brother Africa 4 House
Keri Hilson in the Big Brother Africa 4 House

Having performed at a Big Brother Africa’s concert, she gained an African audience who she loves their culture, fashion and hair styles. She is looking forward to an African collabo with the best artists and coming to Kenya someday.