Exclusive! Watch Diamond Serenading Zari In a Towel Here!!


Diamond has really pulled this one off. I mean dating a lady twice his age is one thing. Being a fool for her is another. It’s almost cute… if only Zari would realise he will only move on to greener grasses. Then again, TNOMB *sips uji*

So the two love birds are at it again.

Watch Diamond sing to Zari in nothing but a towel revealing his well ripped body. All the while she giggles like a schoolgirl in the background. Clearly the honeymoon stage isn’t yet over.

Wonder how dramatic their fall out will get. Or maybe they’ll decide to have kids…ok ok I know I’m getting ahead of myself. However, think about it she can finally get a girl to add to all her sons (Diamond included)
Watch the video here:
 [KGVID width=”640″ height=”640″]http://www.varcity.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/vid_yChSnttoWs1.mp4[/KGVID]